Gianna Seca Supports SickKids®

In 2012,  I began raising money for the  Hospital for SickKids® Foundation. In 2013, a beautiful child came into the world named Bennett. He had many procedures in this hospital and it is then that I learned about Bravery Beads. The Hospital for SickKids Bravery Bead Program is run by the Women's Auxiliary -- all volunteers. When a child has a procedure or surgery,  they earn a Bravery Bead for their necklace. These brave little souls proudly display their keepsakes years later as symbols of their bravery and their journeys to wellness. I am a registered donor and a partner of the SickKids® Foundation. My donations have gone  directly to the Bravery Bead Program since 2015.

In 2013,  I began designing and selling dedicated pieces to raise money.  I donate a percentage of all  jewelry sales to the SickKids® Foundation,  directly benefiting the Bravery Bead Program. In addition, I donate pieces to auctions and events for this miracle hospital. You can find me at the handmade market in the hospital twice a year. Come say hello.


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Gianna Seca for SickKids
Bravery Bead Necklace


"My baby, Bennett, had to stay at the Hospital for SickKids®  for five months. Every time he was poked with a needle or went for another scan, he received a Bravery Bead for his necklace--- beads he earned.  We cherish this collection of memories – terrifying episodes and events turned into a triumphant success story. Bravery Beads to us are a reminder of the strength and resilience that our child displayed, a reminder, too, of his bravery.”

-Lynn (Bennett’s mother)

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